Tuesday, August 31

Alpinestars Tech Touring Gear

Utilizing nearly 50 years worth of R&D in the development of high-performance motorcycle gear, Alpinestars decided to elevate their ADV Touring gear to the next level in the Fall of 2010. With their partnership with GORE-TEX, Alpinestars is able to create some of the most technical and protective all-season all-weather apparel. We saw them dabbling into that territory in 2009 with the Alpinestars Frontier Gore-Tex Jacket but their newest ADV Touring combo, the Durban, ushers in the next generation for Alpinestars technical textile apparel.

Here's a little sneak peek:

The Alpinestars Durban Gore-Tex Jacket & Alpinestars Durban Gore-Tex Pants are going to go toe-to-toe with the top-end ADV Touring gear from most motorcycle gear manufacturers. Alpinestars started making off-road gear when the company was founded and have been making road/racing gear since the 1970s. It only follows that the marriage of both of these technologies would fuse together and create highly technical and innovative adventure touring gear. The new Durban outfit is designed to pair perfectly with the brand new Alpinestars Arctic Drystar Gloves.

We have a full 15-minute HD video review of this coming out very soon, in addition to video reviews of all the brand-new Fall 2010 Alpinestars Gear.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, you can visit our Alpinestars Touring Gear page to check out some of the new gear.



Monday, August 30

New Fall 2010 Icon Airframe Helmets

As part of the wealth of new product Icon is releasing in Fall 2010, the already mega-popular Icon Airframe Helmet is coming out in three new designs. Already known for flowing enormous quantities of air and providing an aerodynamic and comfortable ride, the aggressively-styled Fall 2010 Icon Airframes are sure to turn heads in the street.

First up, the Icon Airframe Construct Helmet offers a great balance of performance and visual design. The 'Naked' finish utilized by Icon is an amber weave, soaked in a rich gloss coat, all sitting atop a Fiberglass-Dyneema-Carbon Fiber chassis. It's incredibly light, resilient and strong, and ships with a dark smoke shield to add to the already maxed-out sleekness of this helmet. Like the rest of the Airframes, the Construct is All World Standard, meeting DOT, ECE, SAI & SG certifications.

The fans wanted a helmet that represented the day of reckoning, and Icon delivered to a T. With a sword-wielding skeletal cavalryman riding on the back of a half-decayed horse, the Icon Airframe Apocalypse Helmet exists for all those armageddon-obsessed riders out there. Icon rounds this helmet out with flames flying out and around the horseman and his chariot of destruction with a sword slicing behind the 'Apocalypse Airframe' logo on the back of the helmet. Of course, it offers all the great features of the other Airframes, but the hellish graphics set it apart from its brethren.

Those riders looking to be slightly more subtle but still let the rest of the road know they're fast will be happy with the Icon Airframe Lifeform Helmet. Building on the graphics scheme of the Icon Airframe Carbon Lifeform Helmet, the design of the Lifeform is all aggressive lines and sharply-pointed flames. Available in black, bright blue and blazing red, the Icon Airframe Lifeform looks like pure speed and aggression. The "winged crest of defiance" and "tangential lines of attack" will let everybody know what you're doing when you hit the streets. And you'll be cool, comfortable and protected while you're ripping around with this lid on.

Icon continues to construct gear that delivers the performance and style that aggressive street riders desire. The advanced designs and technologies utilized are setting Icon apart from the competition. They take standout products and make them better. Time after time. And the new Icon Airframe Helmets are no stray.

Check out the full collection of Fall 2010 Icon Gear and our entire selection of motorcycle helmets at RevZilla.com.


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Friday, August 27

Forcefield Back Protector HD Vid Review

A recent addition to the RevZilla lineup, Forcefield armor has received a warm welcome from the motorcycle community. Their back protectors, the Forcefield Pro Sub 4 and the Forcefield Pro L2, cut the necessary rating of the CE 2 certification scale in half (or nearly in half with the Pro L2). That's some serious impact protection.

The qualification for CE Level 2 Back Protector Certification is very simple: the armor must allow less than 9 kiloNewtons of force to be transmitted to the body. The Forcefield Pro Sub 4 gets its name for a very simple reason. On average it transmits less than 4kN of energy to the body, generally around 3.38kN, less than the medically-defined average level where injury can occur. That's absolutely astonishing.

The Forcefield Pro L2, on the other hand, delivers only 4.93kN to the body, an equally amazing number for a consumer-level day-to-day rider's back protection. RIDE Magazine, a popular motorcycle gear and bike reviewing outfit, designated the Pro L2 a "Best Buy" in 2008. At the point, the protector was still up around 5.6kN of force transmitted to the body. Improvements over the last couple years have brought that number down even further which is impressive to say the least.

Forcefield's impact protection comes from a material they refer to as Armourflex, which is essentially a combination of two materials: a triangular next-generation shock absorbing material fused with a base layer of soft Nitrex foam. This design allows force to evenly spread across the surface reducing direct impact to any one area. It is also super flexible and comfortable. Any part of the back protectors that come in contact with skin are wrapped in BeCool fabric, a polyamide fiber that pulls hot air away from your body and allows cool air to circulate through. Pretty high-tech stuff.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, is the fact that every piece used to construct Forcefield back protectors is CE approved. That means from the armor itself to the straps all the way down to the rivets; all CE certified. This gear will withstand the test of time and perform tremendously. We think you'll be pleased.

You can compare it to other back protectors by visiting the back protectors page at RevZilla.com.


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Thursday, August 26

Scorpion EXO-900 Transformer Helmet- True Modular

The Scorpion EXO-900 Transformer Helmet truly offers the versatility of full-face protection and open-face riding. Most other modular helmets are not designed to be worn with the chin bar up since it is a safety hazard while other modulars that actually pull all the way to the back of the helmet end up being way too heavy on the neck. Not the case with the Scorpion EXO900. With a fully removable chin bar, an easy-to-install peak visor, and a retractable sun visor, you go from full-face riding to open-face feeling the breeze in minutes.

A relative newcomer to the motorcycle gear world in the last five years, Scorpion gear has come in red hot with some killer motorcycle helmets and jackets. Reasonably priced, the Scorpion EXO-900 Helmet is a great option for the rider who seeks flexibility in his gear. The shell is constructed from a polycarbonate composite and the interior features the AirFit helmet pump system for a snug fit. The AirFit system basically operates the way Reebok Pumps did (remember those?) by filling the liner with air until the fit is just right. It has a release valve for when you're done riding to allow you to easily deflate the interior and remove the helmet. That's pretty advanced. This helmet is also available in hi-vis yellow option for all the commuters out there.

The Scorpion EXO900 Transformer's shield is EverClear, which translates to a fog-free ride. The KwikWick moisture-wicking liner is removable and washable and, as I said before, inflatable to your desired level for comfort and safety. The helmet is DOT and ECE approved. Check out the video above for the full demonstration on how to transform this helmet from full face to open face very quickly.

You can find our full lineup of modular motorcycle helmets at RevZilla.com.

Keep it versatile.


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Wednesday, August 25

Scorpion Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

In this video, we detail the five models of motorcycle helmets produced by Scorpion. We've seen some great products come from Scorpion in the last few years and judging by the reviews on our site, fellow riders are loving Scorpion helmets as well. Check out the HD video below.

Let me dive in to what really jumps out at us about these five Scorpion helmets. I'll start with the universal features of each of the helmets:
  • SpeedShift system (except the modular EXO-900)- this quick-change shield system allows you to easily pop the shield on and off by turning a mechanism on each side of the helmet. No tools! It is one of the easiest shield-change systems we've seen.
  • EverClear faceshield- this shield is optically correct and utilizes a fog-free technology and anti-scratch coating. It's also one of the strongest shields we've seen, made of strong polycarbonate.
  • KwikWick liner- the cheek pads and helmet liner and made from a moisture-wicking material that pulls perspiration away from your face. These interiors breathe extremely well and are easy to remove and completely washable
  • With the exception of the EXO-400 which is a slightly round oval shape, every Scorpion helmet is an intermediate oval shape

Individual features on each Scorpion Motorcycle Helmet:

  • Entry-level offering from Scorpion
  • Polycarbonate composite shell
  • Very quiet ride; wind-tunnel tested for aerodynamics
  • Adjustable indexed ventilation for max airflow
  • Custom liners and cheek pad kits available
  • Snell & DOT Certified

  • Fiberglass/Kevlar Matrix Shell
  • Tested in the lab and the streets
  • Wind-tunnel testing for aerodynamics
  • Superior adjustable ventilation configuration
  • Feature set that rivals much more expensive helmets
  • Snell & DOT certified

  • Same as EXO-700 with addition of AirFit pump system
  • ECE & DOT certified

  • Modular helmet
  • Can be transformed and ridden open-face
  • Detachable peak visor
  • Retractable internal sun visor
  • AirFit helmet pump system
  • Polycarbonate composite shell
  • DOT & ECE certified

  • Long-distance touring helmet
  • Fiberglass/Kevlar Matrix Shell
  • HelmetPump liner inflation system
  • Adjustable ventilation designed for upright riding
  • Retractable internal sun visor
  • EPS-lined chin bar
  • Snell & DOT certified

Check out more options by visiting our modular helmets page or or general motorcycle helmets page. We're really impressed with the 2010 Scorpion lineup and look forward to their next wave of innovation.



Tuesday, August 24

Touring Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

We consider a touring motorcycle helmet to be a helmet that is designed to be worn for long distances while riding mostly in the upright position. Typically, some well-known bikes that require this position are the Honda Goldwing, various Harley-Davidsons, BMW R1200GS, KTM 990 Adventure and so on. Any ADV or Touring bike where you're going to be sitting upright for the majority of your ride. In this video, we highlight eight of our top picks for touring helmets, and discuss the various feature sets of each helmet.

In this video, we tried to isolate what we think are the best-in-class for ADV touring helmets based on several criteria: excellent ventilation when in the upright riding position, very lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable, along with being able to combat multiple weather variables. The following helmets are the eight that we selected as top of the food chain with a few highlights of each one:

Arai RX-Q Helmet: $490.45 & up
  • Medium Oval Head Shape
  • Helmet design modeled directly from Arai Corsair V
  • Same wider-eyeport face shield as the Corsair V
  • Lightweight & Ergonomic with Aerodynamic Shell
  • Cheek pads cradle head for balance & comfort
  • Even weight distribution through helmet
  • Snell 2010 Certification
  • 5 Unique Shell Sizes for more accurate fitment

Arai Profile Helmet: $481.46 & up
  • Long Oval Head Shape - very long & narrow
  • Dual Intake/Exhaust ventilation for superior airflow
  • FreeFlow System that reduces wind turbulence while encouraging hot air exhaust
  • Fiberglass Composite shell is strong and lightweight
  • Multiple-density foam interior for comfort
  • 2010 Models are Snell 2010 Certified

  • Medium Oval Head Shape
  • Fiberglass/Kevlar Matrix is quiet, light & aerodynamic
  • HelmetPump system for customizable perfect fit
  • SpeedView internal retractable sun visor
  • SpeedShift quick-change tool-less shield change
  • EverClear no-fog anti-scratch faceshield
  • KwikWick removable washable moisture-wicking liner
  • Excellent ventilation configuration

Shoei RF-1100 Helmet: $359.99 & up
  • Medium Oval Head Shape
  • Successor to massively popular RF1000
  • AIM+ Shell is rigid, lightweight and resilient
  • Multiple shell sizes & EPS sizes for comfort
  • Shell-integrated spoiler reduces drag and lift
  • Variable ventilation for maximum airflow & de-fogging
  • Removable washable antimicrobial wicking interior
  • Tool-less shield changes & spring-loaded shield
  • Snell 2010 Certification

Shoei Multitec Helmet: $434.69 & up
  • Medium Oval Head Shape
  • One of the Lightest Modular Helmets at RevZilla.com
  • Extremely versatile full-face or open-face
  • Easy & smooth open/close mechanism
  • Upper AirScoop for superior aerodynamics
  • Removable washable moisture-wicking interior
  • AIM shell is strong, light, and aerodynamic
  • QuickRelease Tool-less shield changes

  • Chin bar locks in behind head for open-face riding
  • Extremely aerodynamic with great airflow
  • Round head shape
  • Retractable internal sun visor
  • Easy to operate open/close mechanism
  • Removable washable moisture-wicking liner
  • DOT & ECE 22-05 Certified
  • 9-position ratcheting shield
  • Scratch-resistant anti-fog shield

  • Medium Oval Shaped ADV Dual-Sport Helmet
  • 3 Modes: Visor + Shield, Shield Only, Visor Only
  • Extra-Large Shield; Can Wear Goggles Underneath
  • Lightweight AIM+ Shell is Strong & Aerodynamic
  • Multiple-density liner is removable, washable, wicking
  • Chin vent designed for de-fogging
  • Top Intake & Rear Exhaust Ventilation
  • DOT & Snell 2005 Certified

Arai XD-3 Helmet: $512.95 & up
  • Medium Oval Dual-Sport Helmet
  • Fiberglass Composite shell is strong, light, aerodynamic
  • Three Modes: Peak & shield, Shield only, Peak only
  • Dual Intake/Exhaust ventilation
  • Multiple chinbar vents for cooling & de-fogging
  • Removable washable antimicrobial wicking liner
  • High-flow peak forces air into the top vents
  • DOT & Snell 2010 Certified

We hope we demonstrated the various types of long-distance touring helmets to help connect the dots for you, allowing you to make a more informed decision. Of course, you can always visit our modular helmets page, our dual sport helmets page or our general motorcycle helmets page to explore more options. All of these helmets have their own detailed video reviews which you can see on the individual product pages at RevZilla.com or by visiting Youtube.com/RevZillaTV.


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Monday, August 23

Scorpion EXO-1000 Helmet Review

One of the newest motorcycle helmet offerings from Scorpion, the Scorpion EXO-1000 helmet continues their trend of packing a ton of next-level features into a reasonably-priced premium helmet. The EXO1000 is designed to be ridden in the upright position for long distances, and will flow a great deal of air, making it a great premium touring motorcycle helmet option.

As I said, the Scorpion EXO 1000 Helmet is absolutely chocked with features. First and foremost is the long-hyped HelmetPump design that had the buzz for this helmet going well before its release. Everyone remembers those shoes from the 80s and 90s that you could pump up for a perfect custom fit. They've integrated that technology into the helmet and it works spectacularly: the cheek pads and neckroll inflate for a snug fit, and at the end of the ride a release button deflates for easy on/off. The next biggie on this helmet is the retractable internal sun visor system. The SpeedView Visor, as Scorpion calls it, eliminates the need to change shields when the sun comes out or fumble for a pair of sunglasses.

Beyond that, you've got the trio of Scorpion features: the SpeedShift quick-change shield system, allowing you to swap out shields without tools in ten seconds or less; the EverClear fog-free faceshield with a scratch resistant coating; and the KwikWick antimicrobial removable washable moisture-wicking liner. The ventilation system is fully adjustable and will keep your head nice and cool (couple with the moisture-wicking liner) at long distance rides. Easy open/close vents are located at the brow, the chin, and the top of the head with a large open/close exhaust vent at the back of the head for venturi effect airflow. This is without question a premium touring helmet. It's also DOT & Snell certified.

Visit our motorcycle helmets page at RevZilla.com to view this helmet and all its competitors.


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Sidi Adventure Rain Boots HD Video Review

The Sidi Adventure Rain Boot debuted early in 2010 and immediately received a warm welcome from the ADV Touring crowd. When it's Sidi you know it's going to be quality and comfort across the board. The Adventure Rain is another model in a long line of motorcycle boots that Sidi has created for the last 40 years. They keep you dry, cool, comfortable and protected with designs and technologies that are arguably the best in the industry. The Sidi Adventure Rain Motorcycle Boot is no stray.

By nature, Sidi motorcycle boots are designed to be the best on the market, regardless of the cost it requires for them to be manufactured. And the quality shows from the top-end all the way down to the minute details. For the Sidi Adventure Rain, they took the best elements of touring boots and combined them with the most superior off-road features to create ultimate Adventure Touring boot.

The Adventure Rain is constructed from lorica synthetic leather with split-grain leather inner panels for anti-wear and anti-heat resilience. The sole is composed of soft rubber, allowing it to be rugged and offer maximum grip. The heel is anatomically-shaped, shock resistant and rigid for maximum lateral protection. The Cambrelle polyamide moisture wicking liner pulls perspiration away from the foot, keeping you cool and dry during long adventure rides. Sidi's proprietary waterproof breathable membrane (illustrated in the image) furthers this process by allowing moisture to pass through from your foot but keeping all rain and precipitation out of the boot and away from your foot. TPU shin protection coupled with other hard parts maintains the safety and protection of your foot and shin. The closure utilizes a CamLock style buckle system making getting in and out of this boot even easier. Set it and forget it, Ron Popeil style.

I could go on. But we all know Sidi. We all know they stand for industry-leading quality and have for years and years. I think you'll like these boots. We at RevZilla certainly do.

Check out all of our waterproof motorcycle boots at RevZilla.com.


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Friday, August 20

Arai RX-Q Helmet- Road Tested

After 90 days of riding in the Arai RX-Q Helmet, Anthony gives his opinion of the features and functionality of the helmet. It seems that Arai has delivered on all fronts with this helmet as Anthony has nothing but good words for it, considering it one of his favorite motorcycle helmets in the RevZilla lineup. Check out the full video below!

Arai RX-Q Helmet Opinion Review:

The Arai RX-Q Helmet is essentially the apex of premium sport touring helmets. It is Snell 2010 certified and offers great balance and aerodynamics for long rides. It is also very lightweight and designed in a way that distributes its mass in a way that maintains serious comfort. For the last month we've (finally) had full inventory on this helmet; it was very spotty since its introduction early this year. But now it's in our warehouse, and we have a ton of them in all sizes, solid colors and graphics. It is also now available in a hi-vis option as the Arai RX-Q Hi-Viz Neon Helmet.

To see the full look at this helmet, visit our Arai RX-Q Helmet Video Review.
You can see this helmet and all its competitors by visiting our touring motorcycle helmets page at RevZilla.com.



Modular Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide

Modular Motorcycle Helmets continue to grow in popularity as more and more motorcycle riders seek versatility in their gear. At the very basic level of functionality, a modular helmet has a hinge on the chin bar allowing it to be flipped up when stopped for de-fogging purposes, fresh air, to smoke a cigarette, or any other reason you'd want to turn a full-face motorcycle helmet into an open-face helmet with ease. Some modular motorcycle helmets even allow you to completely transform the helmets to the point where they are road-safe. Consider this video your 2010 Premium Modular Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide.

The intent of this video buying guide is to help connect the dots for anyone out there seeking a modular helmet but not quite sure of the differences between the many different models. Here are the helmets featured in the video with a quick explanation of their feature sets:

  • Entry-level modular motorcycle helmet
  • Easy flip-up open/close chin mechanism
  • Round head shape
  • CoolMax Removable Washable Moisture-Wicking liner
  • Retractable spring-loaded internal visor
  • Available in eight colors
  • Removable padded ear panels for communication system

  • Completely removable chin bar for six configurations
  • Retractable internal sun visor
  • Removable Washable Antimicrobial liner
  • Ready for N-COM Communication System
  • DOT and ECE 22-05 Certified
  • Quick change shield with pinlock antifog option
  • Microlock retention chinstrap

  • Can be ridden as open-face helmet at speed
  • Tool-less change from full face to open face
  • AirFit helmet pump system for perfect fit
  • EverClear no-fog shield system
  • KwikWick moisture-wicking washable liner
  • Retractable SpeedView internal sun visor
  • Superior ventilation for a modular helmet
  • DOT & ECE 22-05 Certified

  • Ready for N-COM communication system
  • Aerodynamic polycarbonate shell
  • Integrated spoiler for excellent stability
  • Dual-action Centromatic chinbar release
  • Sanitized antimicrobial washable liner
  • Easy to operate vents for excellent airflow
  • Microlock chinstrap retention
  • Retractable internal sun visor

  • Chin bar locks in behind head for open-face riding
  • Extremely aerodynamic with great airflow
  • Round head shape
  • Retractable internal sun visor
  • Easy to operate open/close mechanism
  • Removable washable moisture-wicking liner
  • DOT & ECE 22-05 Certified
  • 9-position ratcheting shield
  • Scratch-resistant anti-fog shield

  • Lightest modular motorcycle helmet at RevZilla.com
  • Easy one-handed open/close mechanism
  • Minimized wind noise and drag
  • Removable washable moisture-wicking liner
  • Compatible with communication systems
  • Excellent airflow & aero dynamics
  • Scratch-resistant shield
  • DOT Certification

These are our six favorites in the lineup of modular motorcycle helmets we carry. Of course you can check out the rest by visiting the modular helmet page at RevZilla.com. These helmets offer some of the finest, most versatile technology due to extensive R&D. Being huge fans of ADV touring at RevZilla, we love flip-up motorcycle helmets. Get flexible!


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Thursday, August 19

New Icon Super Duty 4 Boot

Currently in their fourth iteration, the Icon Super Duty 4 Boots set the bar high for sportbike motorcycle footwear. Available in three color variations, there is a Super Duty 4 Boot for everyone's style. The upper construction is built with durable leather with an aluminum positive-lock ratcheting buckle. There is a low profile lacing system that lives beneath the buckle system designed in a way to steer clear of any snags.

Icon Boots now have soles with an axialmetric steel shank which provides the foot with greater support, grip and durability. There is layered foam within the boot that increases comfort and a reduced toebox height that vastly improves fitment over previous versions. Icon continues to look at the Super Duty, see what works, see what needs improvement and take it from there. The R&D that goes into every product that Icon releases is second to none.

The rubber sole is slip-resistant to improve grip; there is internal ankle protection in the boots for protection and shifter interface nubs for reinforcement while shifting gears. The Icon Super Duty 4 Boot is another impressive standout in the Fall 2010 Icon Gear lineup, and at the $90 price point is going to compete head-to-head with any other motorcycle boots that fall into this price range.

More from Icon to come..


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Fall 2010 Icon Waterproof Textile Gear Guide

The newest foray for Icon in their 2010 Fall Gear lineup is Icon Waterproof Textile Gear. Leading out of the gate is the Icon Patrol Waterproof Jacket and the Icon Patrol Waterproof Overpants. This combo couples with the Icon Patrol Waterproof Gloves and you become immune to the elements. The two other brand new products are the Icon PDX Waterproof Shell which pops over your jacket and the Icon PDX Waterproof Bib, pants with suspenders made exclusively to keep you dry.

Starting off with the Icon Patrol Waterproof Jacket and Icon Patrol Waterproof Pants, this outfit is the most technical all-weather textile product that Icon has produced to date. The Icon Patrol utilizes a seam-sealed waterproof nylon chassis with waterproof YKK zippers and a magnetic storm flap. Removable CE rated Field Armor provide impact protection and the jacket has an upgradeable dual density foam back pad that can easily be swapped for the Stryker CE back protector. The jacket features a ton of intake and exhaust vents, a removable hydration pocket and a removable Thermolite insulated liner.

Between the jacket and pants, there is a ton of storage with 12 pockets in the jacket alone. 3M Scotchlite reflective panels ensure that you will always be visible no matter how dark it is outside. Both the jacket and pants are available in US Military PPE Hi-Vis spec and the pants feature a removable suspender system to make these a true overpant. Icon has thrown their R&D department and this outfit and it is going to stand up to any elements that mother nature will throw at you.

Complementing the Icon Patrol Waterproof Jacket & Pants is the Icon Patrol Waterproof Glove. They feature a fully waterproof textile chassis with highly abrasion-resistant premium grade Battlehide Goatskin on the palm for extreme durability and optimal tactility. Reinforced rubber knuckle armor provides superb protection and the reflective paneling ensures visibility. Lastly, one of our favorite touches is the visor wiper system on the thumb. The Icon Patrol Waterproof Glove is pre-curved in both the palms and the fingers.

Moving along to the oversuit department, the Icon PDX Waterproof Shell goes over your jacket while the Icon PDX Waterproof Bib pants go atop your motorcycle pants and you're immediately covered from the elements. Both the Icon PDX jacket and pants feature Tasloc Ripsop Nylon and YKK waterproof zippers for the best in waterproofing. They built this outfit in always-soaked Portland, Oregon so you can be assured that it offers top-of-the-pile performance.

The jacket features a roll and tuck away hood that seals up against your neck and can cover your head when you take the helmet off. The pants feature cargo pockets and adjustable bib straps with removable stirrups at the bottom, depending on your preference. Both the Icon PDX Waterproof jacket and the Icon PDX Waterproof pants feature a comfort mesh liner and are available in US Military PPE Hi-Vis specifications.

We are impressed to say the least with this new line of Fall 2010 Icon Gear. They really have taken their game to the next level and are making themselves even more of a contender in the world of sportbike and street gear. Stay tuned because we have a lot more to come from Icon!



Wednesday, August 18

New Icon Sub Redeemer Gloves

The Icon Sub Redeemer Gloves are the newest offering in the Icon Sub Glove series. Featuring the same standout feature set as the line for a 45-dollar glove, the Icon Sub Redeemer has one asset that sets it apart from similarly priced gloves: a Battlehide Goatskin palm. The Redeemer is a summertime lightweight glove built for the sportbike guy that Icon caters to, with their aggressively-styled line of products.

The back of the hand on the Icon Sub Redeemer is a textile construction that will protect the hand and breathe well while the palm is made with goatskin leather for abrasion resistance and superior tactile feel. Injection-molded temperfoam inserts protect the fingers and plastic knuckle armor makes sure you won't get hurt in the event of a get-off. What's really cool is that the knuckle armor is actually punctuated and will provide ventilation when riding. The graphics on this glove are printed in a way that they simply will not fade over time.

In short, this is a great bang-for-the-buck product for 45 bucks. It pairs up with all the new Redeemer products from Icon, the Icon Alliance Redeemer Helmet and the Icon Contra Redeemer Jacket.

We're gonna keep rolling out the new Fall 2010 Icon Gear bit by bit, so stay tuned!



Tuesday, August 17

Fall 2010 Icon Motorcycle Jacket Guide

Leading the charge of the new Fall 2010 line of Icon Motorcycle Jackets is the Icon Overlord Prime Jacket, the toughest leather jacket that Icon has produced to date. Featuring 1.2-1.4mm premium grade Brazilian cowhide leather, the Overlord Prime shows Icon elevating their brand to the level of other top sportbike gear manufacturers. The Icon Overlord Prime Jacket has an aggressive "attack fit," as Icon calls it, pre-shaping that is built to be in the tuck. Icon's beefy CE Field Armor provides the impact protection in the shoulders and elbows with external injected plastic reinforcements in impact areas on the shoulders, elbows and back.

Stretch panels live in all the right places in the Icon Overlord Prime, giving you just the right amount of comfort and flexibility, while mesh and strategically placed perforated leather provide the perfect breathability and ventilation. The Icon Overlord Prime Jacket comes stock with a dual-density foam back pad that is easily upgradeable to the CE rated Stryker back protector. The Overlord adds an extra level of temperature versatility with its removable insulated wind resistant vest. This jacket is straight-up designed for aggressive street riding and is sure to be a smash hit.

Next in the food chain in the new Icon line is the Icon Overlord Jacket. Basically, the Overlord offers the same features and functionality as the Overlord Prime minus the external plastic hard parts. The chassis is the same 1.2-1.4mm Brazilian cowhide, the protectors are Icon CE rated Field Armor, it's got stretch paneling, an upgradeable foam back pad, strategically placed perf'd leather, and the removable insulated vest. The Icon Overlord Jacket also has an aggressive pre-shape with curved arms and a tailored torso, so you know you'll be riding hard in this one.

The Icon Overlord Textile Jacket offers all the same R&D as the Overlord Leather but utilizes a durable abrasion-resistant nylon construction and Fighter mesh rather than Brazilian cowhide. Featuring the same removable Icon CE rated Field Armor in the shoulders and elbows with an upgradeable foam back pad, the Icon Overlord Textile will have you protected from anything the street might throw at you. Catering to the Icon loyalists, the Overlord textile has an aggressive attack fit with strategically-placed elastic stretch paneling for comfort and flexibility. It's going to be hard to find a jacket at this price point to compete with the Icon Overlord Textile Jacket, from a protective and performance standpoint.

Building on the successful construction of the Icon Contra Jacket, Icon developed two new models of this jacket for the fall of 2010. The Icon Contra Redeemer jacket and the Icon Contra Mil-Spec jacket are sure to be appealing to any fan of the Icon line seeking a battleproof textile jacket. Both jackets are built on a durable nylon textile chassis with heavyweight ballistic panels in impact areas, removable CE rated Field Armor and an upgradeable dual density back pad. There are integrated Fighter mesh panels strategically placed for ventilation and comfort with elastic stretch paneling in all the right areas to keep you comfortable and flexible.

A removable insulated wind resistant liner helps to extend the seasonality on both the Icon Contra Redeemer and the Icon Mil-Spec while ratchet closure waist adjusters ensure proper fit. The Icon Contra Redeemer jacket features aggressive graphics on the front and back while the Icon Contra Mil-Spec jacket meets US Military PPE Hi-Visibility specifications. The Icon Redeemer Jacket pairs well with the brand new Icon Alliance Redeemer Helmet. and the Icon Sub Redeemer Gloves. These new Icon Contra jackets are sure continue a long string of popularity in the Icon textile lineup.

Lastly, Icon decided to take their popular leather motorcycle jacket, the Icon Accelerant Jacket, and cater it to the Gixxer crowd. The result was the Icon Accelerant GSX-R Jacket. Outfitted with 1.2-1.4mm premium Brazilian cowhide leather, Icon's CE rated Field Armor for shoulder and elbow protection, and external TPU & alloy hard parts, the Icon Accelerant GSXR is built for performance and aggression, just like the gixxer it's meant to accompany.

Rounding out the feature set is ballistic stretch nylon for comfort and flexibility in the critical areas, perforated leather for airflow, an aggressive sport fit, a removable insulated liner, zippered intake and exhaust vents, and of course, the GSX-R logos where you want them to be seen. For the gixxer guy, the Icon Accelerant GSX-R jacket is going to be an absolute home run for protection and performance in the streets.

That rounds out the lineup of brand new Fall 2010 Icon motorcycle jackets. We're impressed by what Icon is done as they continue to push the limit of street performance gear and elevate their R&D to the next level. There's some more gear we've yet to show you from the Fall 2010 Icon Gear roster, so stay tuned diehard Icon fans, because it's all bad-ass.



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