Friday, April 29

Scorpion VX-34 Helmet Sneak Preview

The brand new Scorpion VX-34 Helmet is coming very soon as their latest and greatest dirt helmet to date. Arriving in June 2011, we're excited to see the loads of upgrades the VX-34 possesses over its predecessor, the VX-24 dirt helmet. Check out the image below for the quick info (click to enlarge), and check out our in-depth look below that.

First and foremost, the shell of the Scorpion VX-34 Helmet compared to all older models from Scorpion is much more aggressively styled. It now is in the same vein as some of the more aggressive lids from Bell, Shoei and the other leaders in the dirt world. The graphic schemes are wild as well, which is what we typically see from Scorpion.

One of the major upgrades, beyond the shell shape, is the brand new KwikWick II liner, completely removable and washable, and utilizing finer materials that are better at moisture-wicking than the traditional Kwikwick system. The visor can be adjusted without tools and the Polycarbonate shell is one of the industry's finest.

Beyond that, you can expect to see the Airfit helmet liner custom inflation system, an aero-tuned ventilation system, and a full DOT & ECE certification. We are extremely excited for this helmet and look forward to getting our hands on one for a full video review.

Stay tuned.


Thursday, April 28

Dainese Racing Textile Jacket Review

Dainese has taken one of their best selling and most popular leather jackets, the Dainese Racing Leather Jacket, and made a textile version. What does this mean? You can now get a jacket with the same comfort, cut, colors, and style as the Racing leather but at a much more affordable price and lighter weight. Dainese designed this jacket to the riders looking for a lightweight technical and sport-inspired textile jacket at an affordable price. The Dainese Racing Textile Jacket is certain to be a hit with the crowd of sport and sport-touring riders who do not need all the benefits of a leather but still want to get a great value.

Check out our  Dainese Racing Textile Jacket Review:

Most of the outer shell of the jacket is constructed using a strong and abrasion resistant Duratex fabric. There's reflective piping running across the biceps to help improve visibility when riding at night and more reflective material on the back of the jacket along the lower back.  The back also has the really cool Dainese Demon logo printed largely from shoulder to shoulder. There's an external chest pocket up on the left side of the pocket and two standard pockets down towards the waist. The inside of the jacket is one inner-pocket and a removable full sleeve thermal liner to help keep you warm during the colder days of riding. The Racing textile jacket comes with CE approved shoulder and elbow protectors while a pocket in the back of the jacket allows for an upgrade to the Dainese Wave G back protector.

This is a jacket that you will mostly be able to get 2 seasons out of. There's not a ton of ventilation on this jacket to take it to those hot summer days where the temperature goes above 90 degrees and there's not really enough coverage on this jacket to protect the rider from the wind and cold when the temperature goes below the 40 degree mark. This jacket is really built as a solid Spring and Fall jacket.

A great choice for the Spring and Fall sport and street rider, the Dainese Racing Textile Jacket is sure meet plenty of riders' needs this riding season.

To see our complete line up of Textile Motorcycle Jackets, check us out at RevZilla.

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Wednesday, April 27

Icon Overlord Textile Overpant Review

In the street motorcycle scene it's way too common to see a rider with an Icon helmet, an aggressive sport textile jacket from Icon, some short cuff gloves, a pair of Sidi boots, and some Levi jeans. Icon wants to tackle this problem and give their riders an even higher degree of protection. Enter the Icon Overlord Textile Overpants, the newest overpant in Icon's line-up. Whats the great thing about the new Icon Overlord Textile Overpant? The 115 dollar price tag.

Check out our Icon Overlord Textile Overpant review:

The Icon Overlord pants are great pants for the rider that wants a simple yet versatile overpant in their gear closet. The entire pant is constructed of a durable nylon fabric that won't rip apart as soon as you hit the asphalt like your favorite pair of jeans. The knees and hips both have CE rated armor which is removable in case you wanted to upgrade the padding. These pant are cut and built exactly like the Icon Hooligan 2 overpant but the Hooligan 2s are made of a more breathable fighter mesh material to flow more air. This means you're looking at a 3 season pant to stretch from Spring through Fall. There's no thermal liner and very little ventilation so January will be pretty cold for riding with the Overlords and July may be a little toasty.

There are stretch panels in the knees and the yoke of the pants to improve motion, mobility and overall comfort. A ratchet-style strap on the front and Velcro straps on the waist customizes the fit of the pants, giving a snug fit and preventing them from sagging. At the bottom of the pants there's a snap and a 6 inch zipper to make it easier to get in and out of the pants. Sizing is generous to accommodate any type of pants underneath and long enough so they won't get pulled up when sitting on the bike. 

All and all you're getting a solid pair of overpants for 115. They are available in three sizes from a very small 28 to a
more robust 44. Icon offers these in a stealthy black, a white, and a slate color scheme.

Check out all of our motorcycle pants at

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Tuesday, April 26

Dainese Newsan New Leather Jacket Review

One of the premier leather jacket options in the Dainese sport lineup is the Dainese Newsan New Leather Jacket. Previously simply the Newsan which went away in 2009, the Newsan New draws inspiration from classic racing leather jackets but adds technological innovations that not only enhance performance but also give it an updated visual appeal. Dainese has absolutely been one of, if not the sole, leaders in the the technical motorcycle apparel realm for decades, and the Newsan New continues this tradition and their exceptional attention to detail and quality in each of their releases.

Check out our Dainese Newsan New Leather Jacket Review:

Getting right into the features of this leather jacket, the shell utilizes Dainese's D-Skin leather. D-Skin uses Dainese's proprietary tanning process of cowhide, and results in values of 60% greater tensile strength (tear resistance) and 80% greater abrasion resistance than traditional untreated cowhide leather. They then apply a special silicone and wax treatment that gives the D-Skin a soft and supple finish. S1 stretch paneling can be found running along the inner arms and at the backs of the shoulders which aids not only in uninhibited mobility but also helps flow air into the Newsan New. Accordion stretch leather panels above the backs of the elbows ensure comfort and flexibility when getting into the aggressive riding position.

At the elbows, non-removable CE rated armor protects the elbow and extends to the forearm for a solid amount of coverage. There is a pocket at the back for a Dainese Wave G Back Protector if you want to boost the back protection to the CE level. At the shoulders, co-injected CE rated armor can be found with aluminum sliders on top. Speaking to the futuristic vibe of this jacket, these sliders receive a special paint coating to match with the color of the jacket (there are multiple color options of the Dainese Newsan New Non-Perforated Leather Jacket). We like to call these the "ipod versions" of the Newsan. You can be confident that you're covered on the safety side of things. You'll find adjustability at the waist and collar for a customized fit.

Internally, one of our favorite features of the Newsan New is the 3D bubble liner. A relatively recent innovation, 3D bubble liners create microclimates within the jacket by morning a gap of air between the jacket and the skin. These tiny air pockets are able to regulate the temperature within the jacket, keeping you cooler when it's hot, and warmer when it's cold. We've heard ride reports from both RevZilla employees and our riding community of riding the Newsan in 90+ degree (F) weather with absolutely no problem thanks to the bubble liner. This is a big concern to riders in the Northeast and warmer climates in general.

The Newsan New is simply another standout from Dainese. Check out their full collection by visiting our Dainese Leather Jackets page.


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Monday, April 25

Icon Contra Jacket Review

One of the most popular Icon products and overall one of our bestselling sport textile jackets, the Icon Contra Jacket combines style, comfort, protection and performance at a reasonable price point. Extremely popular amongst the street and stunt riders, the Contra is built for aggressive riding in Spring-Summer-Fall conditions. CE armor, strategic mesh paneling, and an abrasion-resistant textile construction all come together to make this one of our rider-selected top picks for the sportbike crowd.

Check out our Icon Contra Jacket Review:

Starting with the shell of the Contra, you're looking at a durable nylon chassis that features ballistic nylon reinforcement panels in impact areas at the shoulders and elbows. In strategic areas such as mid-torso, upper chest and the edges of the back, you'll find Icon's fighter mesh panels. Fighter mesh is a tightly-woven fabric that provides a great deal of ventilation in addition to maintaining the abrasion resistant nature of this jacket. Turning the airflow off is easy thanks to the removable full-sleeved quilted thermal liner that will keep you warm on those chilly days in late Fall and early Spring. Accordion stretch panels can be found at the shoulders and backs of elbows, allowing a solid range of motion when getting in and out of the tuck or 3/4 position.

Internally, vulnerable areas are protected from impact by CE rated Icon field armor at the shoulders and elbows. The dual-density foam back pad boosts some back protection but can be upgraded to the Icon Stryker CE Back Protector for a next level of armor at the back. A key thing to note here is the Contra uses the Relaxed Icon fit. In some of their other pieces, like the Hooligan 2 or Overlord Textile, you'll find the attack fit which is a much more snug and aggressive fit designed to be ergonomic in the tuck. The Contra is more of a laid-back, accommodating fit designed for comfort over the course of an entire day of riding. Lastly, TPR inserts found throughout the jacket, across the chest and bicep, offer the classic Icon style we've come to know.

As with all of their pieces, Icon makes the Contra in a multitude of graphics that are constantly being updated with new seasons of gear releases. You can see some of them on the right side of this page, but be sure to visit RevZilla for all the graphic options. To see similar jackets, visit our Icon Textile Jackets and Textile Motorcycle Jackets pages.


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Friday, April 22

REV'IT! Phoenix Jacket Review

One of the most unique products in the REV'IT! lineup (and at for that matter), the REV'IT! Phoenix Jacket is a truly race-inspired jacket that is going to perform excellently in hot weather aggressive sport riding scenarios. In addition, this is one of our bestselling leathers that crosses over in both the men's and women's segment as it is also available as the REV'IT! Women's Phoenix Jacket. Customer feedback is nothing but stellar on this jacket, with a couple riders at RevZilla sharing their crash stories and being extremely pleased with how the Phoenix performed. A mix of leather for protection and mesh for airflow and breathability, the Phoenix is a top pick for hot weather sport riding.

Check out our REV'IT! Phoenix Jacket Review:

Beyond the style of this jacket, which is borrowed straight from the classic racer jackets of yore, the technical features of the Phoenix really impress. The outer shell uses highly abrasion-resistant Monaco Performance cowhide, 500D and 1000D PWRShell stretch fabric for mobility and comfort, and the tightly-woven Dynax mesh that is great and flowing air but also will hold up extremely well against abrasion. The jacket is also safety stitched so the seams will hold up in a get-off situation, and REV'IT's constant attention to detail dictates that YKK zippers and spring-loaded snaps are found throughout. Internally, upgraded ProLife CE armor is used in the shoulders and elbows and the foam backpad is upgradeable to the Knox TP2 CE Back Protector.

Moving into some of the comfort features of this jacket, there is adjustability at the waist for cinching and stretch panels at the backs of the elbows that work with the PWRShell Stretch material for uninhibited range of motion in and out of the tuck position. The collar and cuffs are lined with a comfortable fabric and the liner is a comfort mesh that feels soft against the skin. There is both a short and long connection zipper in the Phoenix so it can basically be paired with any pants in the REV'IT! lineup. Finally, reflective detailing at the back will keep you seen in dark conditions. Protection, airflow, and a wicked style unseen in any other jacket are what define the standout REV'IT! Phoenix Jacket.

Check out more by visiting our REV'IT! Leather Jackets page and our Summer Motorcycle Gear section.


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Thursday, April 21

Teknic SMT Gloves review

Teknic has always been able to step up and offer motorcycle gloves for a great value and without skimping on quality, protection, or style.  The Teknic SMT Gloves are Teknic's top of the line and most technical short cuff motorcycle gloves. They fit right into the aggressive street and sport riding market and the SMT glove is supposed to be the short cuff alternative to the Teknic Lightning Glove and offer many of the same benefits and features. This is a great choice for the rider looking for a short cuff glove that doesn't break the bank and doesn't making any sacrifices in safety or quality.

Check out our Teknic SMT Glove Review:

What really makes this glove stand out is the amount of protection you're getting for less then 60 bucks.  The SMT has a full premium grade drum dyed cowhide construction with the same dual impact stitching that you see on the Teknic race gloves.  There's a large hard PVC knuckle that sits comfortably on the front of the hand. On lesser gloves the knuckle protector is stitched behind the glove making movement much more restricting but on the SMT it gets its own flap to make motion feel freer. Each digit except for the pinky has a set of PVC protectors which really give the glove a very aggressive style. Teknic knows the outside of the hand is a very vulnerable area in a low side crash. The pinky gets soft padding inserts that run all the way down the outside of the hand to the wrist and palm. There's also padding wrapping around the thumb and an extra piece of leather to hold the high impact areas together. The only possible way you can get more protection out of a glove is if you look at a full gauntlet glove to cover more of the wrist and forearm.

It's also worth mentioning that the SMT is very well styled and feels very comfortable. The stitching is very cleanly done and looks almost like they ran this glove through the same machine as their high-end Teknic Speedstar Gloves. There is a good amount of  precurve on the glove and movement feels very free and natural. The palm feels very comfortable and durable thanks to the Kevlar panel. For 54 bucks you're really getting one slick looking glove.

The only complaint I can possibly have against this glove is that the only color available is Black on Black. Other then that, This really is a great bang for the buck. Fit is fairly generous so if you're in between sizes you can normally get away going a size down. Sizes go from SM to double XXXL.

Check out our full line of Men's Short Cuff Motorcycle Gloves at

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Wednesday, April 20

Dainese Greyhound Leather Jacket Review

One of the finest leathers in the Dainese Naked Collection (that is, jackets with minimal branding and external hard parts), the Dainese Greyhound Leather Jacket is one of the softest protective leather jackets we've ever seen. Utilizing a unique tanning process that Dainese refers to as the brilliant luster, the Greyhound has a certain sheen and softness to it that is completely one-of-a-kind. If you're the rider who doesn't want to look like a storm trooper when you get off the bike, and you're looking for a jacket that will look as good off the bike as it will perform on the bike, the Greyhound should definitely fall into consideration.

Check out our Dainese Greyhound Leather Jacket Review:

As mentioned, the shell of the Greyhound is a premium cowhide leather that utilizes Dainese's proprietary "brilliant luster" tanning process. There are strategic perforation panels at the inner arm to flow air through areas that are least prone to impact. For protection, there is CE rated armor in the shoulders and elbows and a pocket in the back if you want to upgrade to the Dainese Wave G Back Protector for additional armor. If you want to go completely casual with this jacket for a night out, the shoulder and elbow armor is completely removable. In addition to the NanoFeel sanitized mesh lining of this jacket, there is a removable full-sleeved thermal liner that is absolutely the top of the Dainese food chain as far as softness and comfort is concerned.

Beyond the obvious features that jump right out when you look at this jacket, the Greyhound has subtle details like the embossed Dainese logo at the upper back and the titanium demon logos at the upper arms. The chest pocket, that is found in addition to the handwarmer pockets, adds to the classic and stylish vibe of this jacket. There is a jacket-pants connection zipper and waist adjustability helps to cinch this jacket down. Ultimately, this jacket is a fashion-first piece that will also meet Dainese's standards of protection and safety on the bike. This is a great choice for the naked bike and Euro bike crowd.

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Tuesday, April 19

Dainese Thorax Wave Pro Review

The Dainese Thorax Wave Pro Jacket is an excellent upgraded safety choice for the protection-conscious rider. Combining the same CE level 2 protection favored by Valentino Rossi in MotoGP with a CE level 2 chest protector and ample rib padding, the Thorax Wave Pro is versatile in that it appeals to racers and adventurers alike. Rock this under your leathers on the track or under your multi-season ADV outfit and you're significantly minimizing your chance of injury in a get-off scenario. This is one of our top protection picks for Spring 2011.

Check out our Dainese Thorax Wave Pro Review:

First and foremost, let's get into sizing for the Thorax Wave Pro. There are only three available sizes, SM, MD and LG, and these refer to the sizing of the chest protector. The back protector is Dainese size 12 which is roughly the height of the average man's torso. When you're sizing for this safety jacket, what you'll really want to measure is your chest as that will determine the size that you should purchase. The double adjustable waist straps offer a huge range of versatility and will be suitable for the guy who is in great shape but also for the guy with a little extra in the belly. The Thorax also offers the adaptability of being worn without the chest armor if you just want to go with a back protector that day. Let's move in to the protective elements.

The back protection of the Thorax Wave Pro is the Dainese Paraschiena Wave with Scapula Protection. The Wave is built of a polypropylene and aluminum honeycomb frame that upon serious impact will crumple and intelligently absorb and distribute all energy, minimizing potential damage to your back. The dual scapula protectors operate the same way with their aluminum honeycomb frame, crumpling upon impact and protecting your shoulder blades. The back armor is also on jointed plates for comfort and ergonomics, allowing it to move with your body when your maneuvering on the bike. The entirety of this armor is lined with double jersey airgap material for moisture-wicking and comfort properties. Also, there are cross-drilled holes
throughout the Thorax jacket for airflow.

At the lateral ribs, you find an Astronmemory and extruded polypropylene sandwich for impact protection and shock absorption. Astronmemory is a memory foam designed to be comfortable but also absorb energy in an impact to minimize transfer to the ribs. The Dainese Thorax Pro Chest Protector found at the chest is CE level 2 rated armor that is a polypropylene construction with variable densities depending on the amount of protection necessary in given areas. This translates to a high degree of both comfort and protection. The plate itself is perforated and will ventilate air to the chest to keep you comfortable in active riding scenarios. Again, double jersey airgap and polyester mesh liner for comfort.

The full chest and back CE level 2 armor package from Dainese, the Thorax Wave Pro is not only highly protective, but there is also serious emphasis put on comfort, ergonomics, breathability, and the lightweight nature of this protective piece. However, keep in mind that while this jacket can work for most people in terms of sizing, it's not going to work for everyone. If you know you've got an exceptionally long or short torso, it is a better idea to pick up the back protector and chest protector as separate pieces to ensure proper fit.

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Monday, April 18

Kali Naza Helmet Review

Coming very soon to is the newest offering from Kali Protectives. Previously known for only their dirt helmets, Kali is busting in to the street world with the groundbreaking new Kali Naza Helmet. Available in solids, graphics, and carbon fiber versions, the Naza is an extremely protective and lightweight motorcycle helmet that is going to go head-to-head with a lot of mid-range helmets. Using technological advancements such as their innovative Composite Fusion Plus EPS liner technology, the Naza is inventing new and improved ways of energy management in the event of a crash scenario. More on the Composite Fusion after the video.

Check out our Kali Naza Helmet Review:

Kali Naza Carbon Monuments Helmet
Let's dive right in to how the Composite Fusion technology actually works. In any crash scenario, the entire reason you're wearing a helmet is to manage the energy from impact and minimize the energy that is passed to the head. With traditional helmets, the shell is created and the EPS liner (the hard inner foam that actually absorbs the impact) is glued on to the shell. This is problematic because often times there will be gaps between the shell and the EPS. These gaps, even if ever so small, cause a two-stage impact, meaning there will be a split second while the energy transfers from the shell to the EPS, due to the air space between the two. The duration of the shock is lengthened, and the effects can be far more severe.

Enter Composite Fusion. Kali forms their EPS within the shell, meaning that it is not a two-stage process. The EPS is injection-molded and bonded to the shell, eliminating the need to glue or tape the EPS, and it forms almost a molecular-level bond with the shell. In doing so, in an impact situation, the energy is directly transferred from shell to EPS, allowing it to be managed faster and dissipate more smoothly and less dangerously. Also, by using two densities of foam, with a softer density closer to the head, the outer more dense EPS can take the blow from the impact while the softer foam resting closer to the head allows for much softer transfer of energy, minimizing the potential for serious head injury.

Kali Naza Carbon Liberty Helmet
Composite Fusion Plus is the next level of innovation from Kali, and is found in the Naza helmets. Using the same dual density EPS construction, the softer layer features pyramids of foam that are bonded to a harder density of foam that bonds to the shell. These pyramids, in an impact scenario, manage the energy by collapsing and spreading the energy laterally across the EPS, rather than linearly down to the head which would be a much more serious blow. Finally, Kali exclusively uses Contego EPS foam which is a virgin and pure EPS with no recycled parts and thereby no chance of imperfections that could be a weak point in a crash situation. Kali is serious about safety.

Beyond this groundbreaking technological advancements, you'll find many of the features that are native to street helmets. The Carbon version features a lightweight and resilient Carbon, Kevlar and Fiberglass tri-weave shell, and weighs in at a stunning 3.1lbs for a size Medium. The regular version is a lightweight Fiberglass shell. You've got open/close chin and chimney intakes with four passive venturi exhausts for airflow. The anti-scratch and anti-fog face shield features a quick release system for easy changes to a tinted shield when the sun is blazing. Inside the helmet is a removable and washable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial cheekpad and comfort liner system. The helmet also comes with two sets of cheek pads, one with a higher density if you're seeking a race fit.

A deluxe travel bag comes with the helmet, and it includes a five-year limited warranty. By meeting DOT and ECE 22.05 standards, this helmet is absolutely ready for track days if you want to take it beyond the aggressive street riding segment. We foresee Kali making a big splash in the market in 2011. There is great value in the new Naza helmet, particularly the carbon version which is the only carbon at below the $400 price point.


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Friday, April 15

April 2011 Gear Giveaway - Free Olympia Gear!

For April 2011, we are extremely excited about our monthly giveaway. Brand new for Spring 2011, the Olympia AST 2 Jacket and Olympia Ranger 3 Overpants are successors to two immensely popular all-season touring pieces from Olympia. Both jacket and pants have seen some significant improvements over their past iterations and it is no doubt that this will prove to be some of the most popular gear at this year. Entry to win is simple and by doing so, you'll be automatically eligible to win our gear giveaway every month. Simply visit and quickly create a rider profile to have your shot at a free Olympia setup this month, and a chance to win gear every month after that! Visit Official Contest Rules for all the nitty-gritty. 
Two wheels down!


Thursday, April 14

Teknic Chicane Street Glove Review

The Teknic Chicane Street Gloves has to be one of our best street and sport riding gloves for the guy looking for a short cuff motorcycle glove below the 50 dollar price point. The lineup of Teknic gear has some excellent motorcycle gloves to go along with their jackets and race suits and the Chicane glove is no exception. The Chicane was built for the sport and street riding crowd looking for a glove that offers a lot more technical features found on a full gauntlet glove but with a shorty style. There's a ton of stuff that we like about this glove, especially the amount of protection and the build quality that you get at an entry model price.

Check out our Teknic Chicane Street Glove Review

The Chicane has a full premium goatskin leather construction. Goatskin is one of the most supple, comfortable, and durable materials to make a glove out of; it is a great sign of quality when shopping for a leather glove. The stitching and details on the glove are very well done especially around some of the more technical parts such as the armor and the elasticated stretch panels. The protection of the Chicane consists of a thermoplastic, dual compound knuckle protector and thermoplastic rubber inserts going down the fingers, including the pinky which is normally neglected. My favorite part of this glove is that Teknic actually put a good amount of effort in protecting the outside of the palm and pinky. In the event of a low side crash and slide the outside of the hand is most likely to take damage. Teknic put an extra piece of Kevlar with padding on the outside of the hand. Few gloves in this price range have this side protection and it's an area that many manufacturers ignore.

The amount of detail in the styling of the glove is also great to see in the Chicane. The glove has stretch panels in all four fingers and the thumb, this is one more thing that few manufacturers put on their entry model gloves. The silicone Teknic logo on the palm adds grip and "Teknic Racing" written across the index finger and just adds to the style and the appeal of the Chicane. Both the black and the white versions are very well styled.

The Chicane is definitely one of my favorite gloves under 50 dollars. This glove comes in a white and black version and an all black version. Sizes go from a small to a 3xl and the fit is definitely a bit more casual and relaxed than some of the tighter, more aggressive fitting Teknic race gloves.  For 45 bucks the Teknic Chicane is definitely one of the best values you can get in the shorty glove market.

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Wednesday, April 13

Leatt STX Road Neck Brace Review

We got a Leatt STX Road Neck Brace in and we shot our video review of it immediately. Why? Simply because this is one of the most exciting and unique new products to cross through our doors in a long time. It is an absolute game-changer as it caters to a whole new realm of riders seeking neck protection who previously had nothing designed specifically for them. This is the industry's first neck protector designed for on-road riding. It can also cross over to the ADV segment and offer neck protection to all the dualsport riders who put such a high emphasis on keeping themselves safe at all times. With the Leatt name associated with this product, we can't see the Road Neck Brace being anything less than a smash hit.

Check out our Leatt STX Road Neck Brace Review:

There are some huge improvements and modifications that Leatt made over their previous GPX Club Neck Brace. The GPX utilized a single thoracic strut that came down over the spine; this was a big issue for riders who either wanted to use this in conjunction with CE back protection or racers and track day riders that needed to accommodate a speed hump. The STX uses a dual thoracic strut system in lieu of the single strut that go down across the shoulder blades, making it easy to seamlessly integrate the brace with either a race hump or a back protector. Furthermore, the STX is a much lower profile table than the GPX. This is crucial to the racer or ADV tourer as head checks can be done ease of mobility.

Beyond these major improvements over the previous iteration, the STX incorporates all of Leatt's longstanding attention to creating the most protective pieces of gear available. The STX limits the range of motion of the neck in the event of an impact scenario, seriously preventing damage to the cervical spine. Utilizing Alternative Load Path Technology, the neck is protected and limited in all directions from hyperextension, hyperflexion, lateral hyperflexion and posterior hypertranslation. In addition, coupled axial loading is prevented when two forces strike the head simultaneously. The STX is adjustable for perfect fit and they've also widened the chest struts to accommodate a fatter zipper.

The key with the STX is that Leatt truly created a design that will work for the road rider. Previous attempts all seemingly fell short in one area or another. Granted, the protection elements were there, but the accommodation simply wasn't there for the true road and ADV rider. The Leatt STX Road Neck Brace is a huge step forward in rider safety, something we at are always happy to see.

To see more options, visit our Motorcycle Protection and Armor segment.


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Tuesday, April 12

Icon Hooligan 2 Mesh Jacket review

The Icon Hooligan 2 Mesh Jacket is designed for the street rider looking for a light weight summer jacket that's comfortable and can vent a ton of air. The Hooligan 2 is Icon's replacement for the original Hooligan which came out over 3 years ago. This jacket got a redesign for this year, with a focus on comfort, ergonomics and protection, and the ability to flow even more air.  What's really nice about this jacket is that Icon set the price at 165, making the Hooligan 2 one of the most affordable jackets in the Icon line-up.

Check out our video review of the Icon Hooligan 2 Mesh Jacket:

This is the best jacket in Icon's collection for summer and hot weather riding. This is because Icon focused heavily on having massive amounts of air flow to move through the jacket and keeping the jacket very lightweight. The entire jacket chassis is Icon's Fighter Mesh, which is lightweight, breathes extremely well, and also offers a high degree of abrasion resistance. Icon integrated stretch panels into the elbows, underarms, and shoulder blades to increase mobility and prevent the jacket from bunching up when getting in the riding position. Icon added a removable thermal liner to help extend the seasonality of the Hooligan 2, which is great for riding at night when the temperature dips. The Hooligan 2 is definitely a great choice for the summer heat when having a jacket that has a ton of airflow is critical.

Icon put CE approved Field Armor in the elbows and shoulders and there's a dual density back protector that can be removed or upgraded to the CE rated Icon Stryker Back Protector for added protection. The elbows have heavyweight ballistic impact panels to minimize the chances of ripping and tearing during an impact with the ground. Does the Hooligan offer as much protection as the Icon Overlord Leather Jacket? No, but the Hooligan 2 is a third of the price and will be a much better choice for those 95 degree days.

All in all the Hooligan 2 is a great all around lightweight summer jacket with a lot of style and multiple graphic options. For the price, you're getting a ton of protection
and comfort. Sizes go from S-4XL, so this jacket will fit almost anybody, especially with the adjustability offered in the waist.

Check out all of our Mesh Motorcycle Jackets at

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Monday, April 11

April New Motorcycle Gear & Deals

For April 2011, our assault on high prices continues in Episode V: RevZilla Strikes Back. We enlisted the able assistance of Han Solo (played by 82-year-old Oscar-winner Eli) and the rest of the Rebel Alliance to help us take down Imperial Forces. That said, we've got some wicked deals for the month, some brand new gear that is just now shipping, a contest giveaway and our 2011 Fresh Suit, Free Ride program which enables you to get a free track day with the purchase of any suit over $799. As the temperature starts to heat up, we're more than ready for the riding season at All of the gear featured in this video can be found on our April New Gear and Deals page.

Check out our April 2011 New Motorcycle Gear and Deals:

Alpinestars S-MX Plus Vented Boots
First up for April 2011 is the deals portion of our video. With the release of new gear for Spring, Alpinestars has got some killer sales going on right now of gear that is high-performance and close to pro-level in technicality. The Alpinestars S-MX Plus Boots are now 17% off, down from $349.95 to $289.95, which is a steal for one of their bestselling race boots of all time. Pair these up with the formerly top-end Alpinestars MX1 Race Suit and you're getting some killer gear that is going to perform at an extremely high level on the race track. Replaced by the Tech 1-R, the MX-1 was once the most technical non-replica race suit in the AStars lineup. You can get it now for $999.95, which 28% off its MSRP of $1399.95.

Icon Airframe Predator Helmet
The Icon Airframe Helmet, released in 2009, immediately turned heads as a game changer for the amount of ventilation teeming through this lid. As with most Icon helmets, as new graphics are released, the old ones go on crazy sale and we've got Airframes for as high as 39% off. They're an absolute steal at this point. Moving on to Shift Racing gear, we've got huge piles of Shift all over our warehouse and it's going on sale like wildfire with savings of up to 49% off. This month at RevZilla, we're shoveling Shift out at crazy prices. Finally, the Alpinestars Dragster Leather Jacket, a classic-styled leather, has been very popular but it's going away now and we've only got a few left. $299.99, down from $429.95, the Dragster is 30% off.

Scorpion Exo-500 Oil Helmet
For new gear this month, all Spring 2011 REV'IT! Leathers are now shipping, meaning the Tarmac suit, leather jacket and pants, the ladies-specific REV'IT! Raven jacket and pants are all in stock at our warehouse, ready to ship to your door and get you on the track. The Schuberth C3 Hi-Viz Helmet keeps coming in and going out at laser speeds. Check it out on our website and follow the instructions on how to be on the list to get one the second they arrive at our warehouse. Lastly, the highly-anticipated newest offering from the Scorpion, the Scorpion EXO-500 Helmet, has finally arrived and is ready to ship. Drawing inspiration from the EXO-1000, the 500 is going to be a smash hit in the sport crowd this year.

Lastly, don't miss out on our April Contest Giveaway in which you can be the proud owner of a brand new Olympia AST 2 Jacket and Olympia Ranger 3 Over Pants. Also, if you're looking for hot weather gear, be sure to check out our 14-part 2011 Warm Weather Gear Guides in which we break down our top picks by segment for this year. We cover everything from riding boots to race gauntlets to leathers and more.

That does it for April. Stay tuned for Episode VI: Return of the Zilla.


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Friday, April 8

Dainese Huge Air Gloves Review

The Dainese Huge Air Glove is a short cuff summer riding glove. This is your mid-range to higher end mesh riding glove that is intended to fill the sport riding sector of the Dainese glove market for riders seeking lightweight  hot weather riding gloves. At 69 dollars you're looking at a glove that's placed right in the middle of the summer motorcycle glove segment.

Check out our Dainese Huge Air Gloves Review:

The air flow on this glove is supposed to be the key feature of this glove. When wearing this glove you'll notice that about 80 percent of the surface area of this glove is mesh or vented textile fabrics. The back of the fingers all the way to the back of the knuckles is a ventilated mesh along the back of the hand. The cuff of the glove has a few ventilated panels and the palm of the glove is a Clarino construction with some silicone grip panels. There's also a really cool elasticated stretch panel right at the bend of the fingers to prevent the glove from bunching up and providing very free movement. The Huge Air Gloves are very lightweight and breathable and ideal for hot climates. This may not be the best glove for when the rain starts to pour down or when temperatures go below the 50 degree mark but this is the glove you want to have when the temperature begins to approach and pass the triple digit mark and airflow is truly needed.

As far as protection goes, there is a very light TPR insert above the knuckle. All in all this glove is also very stylish and fashionable. My personal favorite color scheme is the white and black with the orange to highlight the wrist and finger bends. There's also a Black-White-Lava red color scheme, a white-black-silver color scheme, and a very stealthy black on black. Sizes go from a very petite xxs to a xxl. This truly is Dainese's take on the hot weather short cuff glove, meaning high performance coupled with excellent style.

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Thursday, April 7

Icon Pursuit Gloves Review

Icon gloves are some of the most popular items we sell at RevZilla. Everyday we're shipping tons of these gloves to our customers and it's for a good reason. Icon Motorcycle Gear has always been popular with our aggressive street based riding crowd looking for good protection and reasonable prices. The Icon Pursuit Glove follows right in these footsteps and is built for the serious street rider. There's an Icon Pursuit Perforated Glove, a non-perf version, and an Icon Women's Pursuit Glove. The Pursuit has a ton of protection for a short cuff motorcycle glove and it's the most affordable full grain leather glove Icon offers; the Pursuit has a MSRP set at 55 bucks.

Check out our Icon Pursuit Glove review:

What makes the Pursuit stand out is the amount of protection you're going to get out of this glove versus other gloves in the 50 dollar price point. The main construction of the glove's exterior is premium goatskin leather. Goatskin is some of the best leather for glove manufacturers to use because of how light, supple, and durable it is. This glove is also very light and as soon as you slide your hand into it you're going to feel a huge hard knuckle protector sitting right on the front portion of your hand. This is a hard plastic piece that feels strong enough to protect your knuckles in the event of a moderate impact or slide. This is hidden underneath the gloves leather construction giving the glove a much more stealthy style than a glove with an exposed knuckle protector. The palms of the glove are reinforced with an extra piece of goatskin leather for more protection against abrasion and for extra grip on the controls of your machine. Each finger also gets its own hard protector in the mid-digit for added protection. The only let down with this glove is the lack of any kind of protection on the outside of the pinky to the outside of the wrist as well as the thumb area. These tend to be places of vulnerability in the event of a low side crash and slide but you would have to look at gloves in the 90 dollar price point before you start to get that kind of protection.

There are three different versions of this glove available: perforated, non-perforated, and a women's version. The perforated version feels like it'll be a great summer weight glove for when the temperature climbs above the 75 degree mark but you'd have to be one tough rider to be able to wear these when temperatures are in the 40's. The non-perforated version feels like the exact opposite and would stretch from about the 40's-60's temperature range. The women's version is also available in perforated and non-perforated and is design specifically for a woman's hand.

The Icon Pursuit is definitely going to be a popular glove of kit at RevZilla this season. They're available in 6 different perf colors, 4 different womens' colors, and a stealth non-perf. Sizes go from a mens S to XXXL and womens sizes go from S to XL.

Check out our full line of Motorcycle Riding Gloves at RevZilla.

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Wednesday, April 6

March 2011 Contest Winners!

Congrats to our 2011 March into Adventure Giveaway at! Jason E. from Colorado WINS BIG with a full TPG Rainier ADV Setup!

Check out our April Olympia Giveaway! If you entered before you are entered to win again and you can also double your chances by resubmitting the form!

Two Wheels Down!


Icon Overlord Prime Jacket review

In-your-face styling and radical appearance is the best way to describe ICON Motorcycle Jackets & Gear. The Icon Overlord Prime Leather Jacket and the Icon Overlord Prime Hero Leather Jacket are Icon's most aggressive cut jackets and they were designed specifically for the aggressive sport and street rider. There's a ton of protection in the Overlord Prime and Hero and they're a solid Spring through Fall choice for people living in the northeast. This jacket will be a great choice for an aggressive rider looking for a leather jacket with an aggressive style to match.  

Check out our Icon Overlord Prime Leather Jacket review:

The fit of the Overlord is what really sets this jacket apart from the other jackets in the Icon line up. Most Icon Leather Jackets such as the Icon Motorhead Leather Jacket and the Icon Daytona Leather Jacket have a much more casual fit and feel. Icon is calling the Overlord Prime their attack fit jacket. The Overlord Prime has a much more athletic fit and conforms tighter to the body, shoulders and arms which is want you want on a sport bike. The neck of the jacket doesn't have a collar so there's nothing to get in the way of head rotations and movement when in a race tuck. The arms have a forward precurve for a better fit in the race riding position and the elbows and shoulder blades both have accordion flex panels to help give the rider a better range of
motion and to prevent any kind of bunching or binding in the jacket. The inside of the arm also has stretch panels to aid in fitment, venting, and motion.

Icon went the extra mile in protection of this jacket. The Overlord has CE rated armor in the elbows and shoulders of the jacket. This jacket comes with Icon's dual density back protector which can be upgraded to a CE rated Icon Stryker Back Protector if you want the jacket to be fully CE certified. The shoulders and elbows both have external sliders that will give the rider more protection in the event of a fall and slide. The external sliders also just make the jacket look much more aggressive. The back also has a large
injected plastic slider below the neck and between the shoulders. The Overlord has a full 1.2-1.4 millimeter leather construction. The only thing that Icon left out is a 360 pant zipper to make the jacket track legal. For a $450-495 jacket, I would expect to see a pant connect, but I suppose the thinking here is that Icon truly didn't make this jacket for track riding.

The styling of the Overlord Prime Hero is what Icon is known for. The Hero version is very loud and really stands out in a crowd of leather jackets. There's a huge skull and bones graphic on the front with some really cool looking race-replica badges on the chest and arms. Icon logos running
down the sleeves add a nice touch on the jacket. On the back there is a skull graphic to complement the front. The Hero is an extra 45 dollars but it's money well spent if you're looking for a jacket with a little extra flare.

Sizing goes from sm-xxl and the standard Overlord Prime has a price tag of $450 while the Hero version is $495.

Check out our full line up of Leather Motorcycle Jackets at

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Tuesday, April 5

Warm Weather Touring & Commuting Motorcycle Gear Guide 2011

For this segment of our 2011 Warm Weather Motorcycle Gear Guides, we go into detail on our top picks for the long-distance touring and commuting realm. Most of the gear featured here will tout waterproof breathable properties, a high degree of safety elements, comfort and versatility for long distances in a multitude of riding scenarios. While all of this gear will absolutely perform well in hot weather situations, some of it can be stretched across multiple seasons and various applications. You'll see some new gear, some years-long staples of the lineup, but one thing is for sure: this is the top of the top in what we see for Warm Weather Touring and Commuting Motorcycle Gear.

Check out our Warm Weather Touring and Commuting Motorcycle Gear Guide:

Leading the charge is a combo REV'IT! designed exclusively for commuting. The blazing color of the REV'IT! Energy HV Jacket combined with the incredibly easy in and out of the REV'IT! Axis Pants makes this our top warm weather commuting combo for 2011. Both the jacket and pants feature abrasion resistant 600D shells with the Hydratex waterproof breathable membranes sandwiched to the shell. The jacket features a removable thermal liner for the cooler months while the pants boast being one of the easiest overpants to get on and off thanks to the full-length two-way side zippers on each leg. CE rated armor in the shoulders, elbows and knees protect from any impacts. A great choice for commuting in 2011.

The extremely popular Olympia Airglide 3 Jacket and Olympia Airglide 3 Pants operate as a great multi-season long-distance touring option but really shines in the hot months of the year. Thanks to the removable Thermolite liner jacket and waterproof breathable liners in jacket and pants, you can wear this almost all year long, but the ballistic mesh panels found throughout this combo flow a ton of air when the liners are out and the mercury has risen. 500D Cordura and CE rated armor protects from any impact and abrasion and both the jacket and pants feature a ton of adjustment zones to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes. This is one of our favorite setups for protection and high airflow in the heat of the summer.

Next up is the brand new Olympia Moab Jacket and next-generation Olympia Recon 3 Pants. This is one of the more ADV-styled combos in the bunch and very unique at that. The brand new Moab is the only 3/4 length mesh jacket in the RevZilla lineup. It truly is designed for long-distance rides and dualsporting thanks to the multitude of cargo pockets, the waterproof breathable liner, the removable thermal liner, and CE rated shoulder, elbow, and back armor. The Recon 3 Pants are a very slick design, a 500D Cordura with ballistic mesh panels and CE rated knee armor. The standout feature of these pants is that they quickly transform from moto pants to stylish cargo shorts to be worn at your destination. A brand new setup from Olympia,
sure to be very popular this year.

The REV'IT! Sand Jacket and REV'IT! Sand Pants find their way into this mix thanks to their immense amount of airflow. While this is a true four-season outfit thanks to the removable waterproof breathable liner and removable thermal liner found in both jacket and pants, with these out and the vents open, you'll be flowing a ton of air in the summer. This is a step above and beyond everything else in the lineup in terms of fabrics (1200D in impact areas) and armor (upgraded Prolife CE armor in shoulders, elbows and knees) and it can absolutely perform in all-season all-weather conditions both on-road and off, but it's also a solid long-distance touring choice for the rugged rider. The Sand has been a staple of the REV'IT! lineup since its early 2010 release.

Last up is the Dainese Portland 2 Jacket and Dainese Drake Air Pants. We included this as our sportier long-distance touring and commuting combo. The Portland 2 features upgraded armor in the Dainese lineup thanks to the Shield Air G2 CE rated back protector (that retails for 79 bucks). The Mugello stretch chassis offers comfort coupled with the boomerang mesh for airflow and abrasion resistance and the moisture-wicking Nanofeel liner. The Drake Air pants are the most popular textile pant option from Dainese of all time at RevZilla. 750D Cordura and CE rated knee armor offers abrasion and impact protection while the zip open knee vents help keep the air flowing. This is our choice for the sport tourer.

Check out the full lineup by visiting our Summer Motorcycle Gear section.


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