Tuesday, May 31

Kali Nira Helmet Review

Kali Helmets have been turning heads in the industry since the introduction of their first street helmet and the technological safety innovations therein. Their second street lid, the Kali Nira Helmet, is new for 2011 and is a great choice for somebody that doesn't want to spend oodles of noodles on a Shoei or an Arai but still wants a quality lid. This helmet is really designed for the street rider who doesn't need the highly technical features of a higher end helmet like the Kali Naza Carbon Helmet but still wants a really good full face helmet with a decent amount of comfort.

Check out our Kali Nira Helmet Review:

What's really cool about the Kali is the amount of protection this helmet has and how it disperses the energy from an impact in a crash. The EPS liner is a hard foam liner bonded directly to the helmet. There is no gap between the hard outer shell of the helmet and the foam. This means that immediately after an impact the energy begins to disperse across the surface area of the EPS. This is huge in terms of safety as the milliseconds it takes to transfer the energy from the shell to the foam, if there is even the slightest gap between the two, can cause significant damage. Kali calls this technology Composite Fusion™.

The Kali Nira also has the dual flow composite air flow system which helps channel air into the helmet via the 2 top vents and sucks air out of the back of the helmet thanks to the venturi exhausts. The comfort liner is removable and replaceable, so after you're done sweating up a storm in this helmet, simply remove the liner and rinse it under cold water, let it air dry, and you have a fresh helmet liner again. The helmet's shape is designed for optimal aerodynamics and to cut through the air easily in sport riding situations, thereby reducing overall rider fatigue.

Sizes on the Nira go from XS to 2XL and the shape is a round oval headform, very similar to the head shape of an HJC helmet.

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Friday, May 27

Alpinestars Net Air Boots Review

Alpinestars boots have a reputation for being some of the best motorcycle boots that money can buy. Alpinestars simply know how to design boots to be comfortable, protective, and have great quality. The Alpinestars Net Air Boot is a perfect example of this. Alpinestars designed this boot to be comfortable for the long distance tourer and everyday commuter. They also made the Net Air boot to flow a ton of air and vent during the hotter days of the summer. This is a perfect boot for the tourer that plans to ride through the southwest this summer or the commuter that doesn't want their feet to get clammy in ninety degree heat.

Check out our Alpinestars Net Air Boots Review:

The Net Air Boots are Alpinestars' warm weather full length motorcycle riding boot. The main construction of this boot is a full grain leather with highly abrasion-resistant mesh inserts in the areas less vulnerable to damage during a crash. Alpinestars put this highly ventilated mesh material on the top of the foot and mesh wrapping along both sides of the foot all the way to the calf and back of the heal. This means that there's a ton of area where air can enter and exit the boot. The inner liner is a micro-fiber bubble mesh material that will be comfortable, soft, and designed to help wick away sweat. Ventilation and comfort is really what Alpinestars was going for with this boot.

Protection and quality in the Net Air is also very good for a boot in this price range. A reinforced toe box stops anything from being able to crush your foot in a crash scenario. A stiff foot bed will prevent the boot from bending or twisting in any unnatural ways but is still supple enough to walk around in. The shin protection is done with a stiff shin plate covered with the full grain leather of the boot to protect from the footpeg-to-shin injury all too common in sport touring scenarios. The toes have an anti-scuff shift plate to prevent the top of the toe box from getting scratched up.  The cuff of the boot is a neoprene material to help wick away sweat. The closure system uses a YKK zip and velcro pull for secure lockdown.

If you're planning on riding through a monsoon or in the middle of December, this might not be the right boot for you. If you're looking for a boot that can deal with a brutal summer and be worn off the bike for a walk around town, this boot would be a great choice. Sizes go from 38-48 Euro which translates roughly to 6-13.

Looking for other hot weather moto gear? Check out our Summer Motorcycle Gear section at RevZilla.com.

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Thursday, May 26

Icon Alliance Freaky Tiki Helmet

A brand new graphic option for May 2011 on the Alliance lid is one of the wildest we've seen from Icon to date. The Icon Alliance Freaky Tiki Helmet literally looks like it's on fire and with the performance features that the Alliance offers, you will be appropriately ripping down the highway with this lid on. Check out the detailed photos below. (Click to enlarge)

True to form with the rest of the lineup, the Icon Alliance Freaky Tiki Helmet offers great bang for the buck for the sportbike rider. In short form, the Alliance has an improved ergonomic longer oval fit than the Alliance SSR, Hydra-Dry moisture-wicking removable washable liner and cheekpads, improved ventilation via the twin Supervent system, and the fog-free quick-change Proshield with Prolock locking mechanism. Compound these features with meeting or exceeding all world standards, including DOT, ECE, SAI and SG, and you're looking at one of the best value-to-price helmets that we carry. And this new graphic scheme is absolutely sick. Check out our full review of the Icon Alliance Helmet below.



Dainese Pannier D-WP Boots Review

Inspired by features and appearance found in the Dainese sport and race boot world, the Dainese Pannier D-WP Boots bring to the table slick looks and premium functionality for the all-season all-weather sport touring rider. Dainese continues to innovate with industry-changing designs and fresh concepts that build upon what has already been established in each segment of the market. With the Pannier, you get all-weather performance, protection, style and a great deal of comfort. It looks like another grand slam for Dainese.

Check out our Dainese Pannier D-WP Boots Review:

Externally, the Pannier features a premium cowhide leather construction with high-tenacity polyamide fabric inserts that act both for mobility and also to provide a slight degree of airflow into this boot. Elasticated leather bellows at the instep and elasticated textile at the sides of the boot also contribute to the solid range of motion and overall mobility of this boot. There are suede insert toe and shifter reinforcements  that add another level of durability and also grip in a key area. One of the key features of the Pannier is the D-Dry waterproof breathable membrane that is bonded to the shell. This maintains the dryness and coolness of the foot, keeping all precipitation out but allowing perspiration to escape through the membrane.

Hard part protectors can be found in multiple strategic zones of this boot. At the shin, a TPU plate protects from an extremely common injury in sport touring scenarios, which is slipping off the footpeg and ending up with a broken tibia. There is a TPU heel counter, hard nylon heel cup and toe box, and TPU inserts at the medial and lateral malleolus for ankle protection. The sole is a Skywalk sole, a third-party-specialist manufactured sole that is high-grip, non-slip and durable. Below the ankle on the inside of each boot is also a high-grip TPU insert that will allow you to interface with the fairings of your sport touring bike. Internally, the airgap liner will help keep your foot cool and dry all day long by wicking moisture away.

The Pannier also features a race-inspired closure system with a rear zipper that is also backed by the D-Dry membrane to ensure continued waterproofing. These boots are available in black only, from sizes 39 through 47 Euro. We are highly impressed by what we see from the brand new Pannier. To see all the options within this segment, visit our Sport Touring & ADV Motorcycle Boots segment.


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Wednesday, May 25

Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves Review

Alpinestars knows how to make leather motorcycle gear. Everything from their race suits, jackets, gloves, and boots are always great products in terms of protection, comfort, and value. The Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves are no exception. The Apex is designed for the everyday rider, whether it be the commuter or the long distance tourer, and is a highly technical glove especially for being under the hundred dollar price point.  

Check out our Alpinestars Apex Drystar Gloves Review:

The first thing you notice about this glove when you first put it on is the warm thermal Drystar liner. Drystar is a waterproof breathable material developed by Alpinestars that's designed to keep your hands dry and vented without letting outside water enter; think AStars' version of Gore-Tex. The goatskin leather also aids in the mobility and the lightweight feeling of the glove and gives the Apex a very short break in time to get comfortable. Waterproof textile is used in areas less prone to impacts and abrasion is used to help improve the comfort of the glove.  The full gauntlet on the glove is very large and designed to fit over a motorcycle jacket cuff. This will help prevent wind, water and rain from entering the jacket through the sleeve. This glove is designed
for riding through rain, cold, and anything else Mother Nature
can throw at you.

The Apex glove is full of technical features that you just don't see on every touring glove. To start, there is a large hard PU molded knuckle protector sitting on the front of your hand. This gives your hand a ton of protection in the high impact area of the knuckle and gives a little bit of a race style. Behind the knuckle protector is an accordion stretch panel which makes moving your fingers easier when reaching for the controls and ensures the knuckle protector stays in place. Alpinestars also incorporated stretch panels on each one of the fingers to help aid motion. There's extra padding running down the outside of the palm and the hand, an area that is commonly ignored by glove makers but is vital in the event of a low side slide. On the underside of the
glove there is a pull flap to make getting this glove on and
off a little easier.

You're really going to have a hard time finding another waterproof motorcycle glove that offers this much at this price point. Sizes go from SM to 3XL and run snug like most Euro gloves. Colors are Black-Black, Black-Blue, and Black-Red.

Check out more cold weather waterproof glove options by visiting our Winter Motorcycle Gloves section at RevZilla.com.

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Tuesday, May 24

Alpinestars Sniper Air Flo Jacket Review

When the Summer temperatures start getting close to the triple digits and the tarmac starts to melt you're going to want to keep your leather motorcycle jacket in the closet and the Alpinestars Sniper Air Flo Jacket is going to want to come out to play. The Sniper Air Flo Jacket is Alpinestars' urban sport jacket designed to be a warm weather riding jacket and flow a ton of air through the torso and sleeves. The Sniper is also very stylish and a great bang for the buck at less than 200 dollars.

Check out our Alpinestars Sniper Air Flo Jacket Review:

This jacket's main function is to flow plenty of air to the rider. The mesh panels running up and down the sleeves, chest and back are very light weight and comfortable. This mesh paneling is designed to push air in and out of the jacket keeping the rider feeling comfortable and fresh. There's a ton of places air can enter and exit this jacket through the mass amounts of mesh. The mesh material is abrasion and tear resistant with impact stitching holding the jacket together, so it won't fall apart as soon as it hits the asphalt.

The styling of this jacket is very aggressive and is for the
sport oriented riding position. The Sniper has a more slim fit with a precurve in the arms to make reaching the controls a little easier and more natural. The Alpinestars logos on the back, sleeves, chest, and shoulders really are well done and help give the sniper that aggressive edge in the styling department. Waist cinches give the Sniper a bit of adjustment. The Urban Camo scheme of the mesh material is also very snappy on this jacket and gives it an urban vibe.

What you're getting with the Sniper Air Flo Jacket is a great combination of mesh and 600D polyester. The textile
polyester is strategically placed in the high impact areas and areas most prone to damage during an impact and slide.
This includes the shoulders, elbows, back, and chest. These areas almost always catch damage during a wreck. CE armor is placed in the shoulders and elbows to provide solid impact protection during the event of a spill. The back has a PE foam piece which can be removed and replaced with an Alpinestars Bio Armor Back Protector or an Alpinestars Bionic Air Back Protector Insert. There are also pockets for the Alpinestars Bionic Chest Pads. Protection is something that Alpinestars never skimps out on with their jackets and the Sniper is no exception.

I can very easily see this being a great jacket for anybody who rides a supermoto or a streetfighter.
The Sniper provides a great deal of value for a jacket under 200 bucks and will be great for the mid-summer heat or somebody living in the south with a longer warm season. The two color schemes are a Black and Camo, and White and Camo. Sizing goes from SM to 4XL and it is also available as the Alpinestars Women's Stella Sniper Jacket.

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Monday, May 23

Dainese Shield Air & Wave G Back Protector Reviews

There are three different back protector options in the Dainese Protection and Armor lineup. Here, we will take a look at the two mainstays in the lineup, the Dainese Shield Air G Back Protector and the Dainese Wave G Back Protector, which continue to improve with each iteration that is released. These back protectors will fit anything in the Dainese Jacket lineup, from leather to textile, and give you a significant reduction in the chance of back injury in a crash situation. As always with Dainese, comfort and protection is a must, and the thoughtfulness that goes into all aspects of the design is second to none.

First, check out our Dainese Shield Air G Back Protector Review:

Offering CE rated crash protection, the Shield Air G is a solid upgrade for the safety-conscious rider. Designed for extreme levels of airflow and comfort, the entire protector is perforated, and the external polypropylene plates are corrugated, armadillo-style, to allow for proper ergonomics and mobility. At the inside, where the protector is closest to the body, there is an airgap liner that will continue the airflow and help to regulate temperature by creating tiny pockets of air. Furthering the protection beyond simply the polypropylene plates, there is an internal honeycomb structure designed to absorb energy and crumple in an impact scenario to prevent energy transferring to the body. Comfort and protective elements across the board with the Shield Air.

Next, check out our Dainese Wave G Back Protector Review:

A slight step up in protection from the Shield Air, the Wave G Back Protector draws its inspiration from Dainese's race grade protective pieces. At the exterior, you will find polypropylene plates that are both perforated and corrugated for a high degree of comfort and airflow. At the inside, which is closer to the back, Dainese uses a 3D bubble liner which is an upgrade over the basic airgap liner of the Shield Air. The 3D bubble liner creates a microclimate by trapping air and does an excellent job of regulating temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Finally, the Wave G also has an internal honeycomb structure, but here you'll find Nidaplast material which studies have shown to be stronger and lighter than aluminum.

At RevZilla, we are huge advocates of ATGATT, and we're continually looking to educate our community on what is available to increase protective elements of their gear. For Dainese loyalists, these two protectors in addition to the Dainese N-Frame G Back Protector will fit any jacket in the lineup and give you a nice boost in safety at the back.

For available options from all brands, including products designed for racing performance, visit our Motorcycle Protective Gear page.


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Friday, May 20

Dainese Pony Leather Pants Review

The Dainese Pony Leather Pants are Dainese's entry-level leather riding pants. Dainese designed these pants to be able to meet the needs of a street rider looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of leather pants. These have the most amount of protection possible without going to a highly technical track-legal pant with knee sliders. This jacket's 360 degree zipper attachment will accept any Dainese Leather Jacket and these pants are the perfect match for the canyon carver and the rider who goes hard on the streets while seeking safety and style.

Check out our Dainese Pony Leather Pants Review:

The main construction of these pants is premium cowhide leather. Dainese's holds extremely high standards for quality in their cowhide. As a result, Dainese leathers are among the best in terms of style, protection, and comfort that can be purchased. The stretch panels on the inner legs, groin and running down the back of the pants are S1 stretch panels. These give the pants a wide range of motion and are ergonomically placed to give the most amount of comfort possible. The S1 material also gives a decent amount of ventilation to help the pants in the breathability realm. There are also leather accordion stretch panels above the knee to give uninhibited mobility in the legs.

The Pony has CE rated armor in the knees which is one of the areas most prone to impact during a wreck. The CE armor is removable and replaceable via a small YKK zipper above the knee on the outside of the pants. The cuff of the pants has two zippers that run from the bottom of the pants all the way to the cuff. The longer zipper makes getting your foot and leg in and out of the pants easier. The second shorter zipper is for adjusting the calf sizes of the pants. The waist of the pants have a full 360 degree zipper for fastening to your Dainese leather jacket. The Velcro straps on the waist helps give these pants that perfect fit. Sizes on the Pony go from 48-60 Euro.

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Thursday, May 19

Bell Custom 500 Helmet review

Bell Custom 500 Helmet
Bell Helmets are making a helmet for a crowd of motorcycle riders that are normally ignored with the Bell Custom 500 Helmet. This crowd is the old school cafe racers, the Harley riders, the rat bikers, the scooter jockeys, and of course, the crowd who saw the movie Easy Rider and want to look like Captain America (Peter Fonda). If you're bombing the back-roads on a '79 CB900 that's been chopped, cut, and painted black then this is the helmet for you. If you're tearing up the streets on an aluminum-body Vespa or riding a big twin cruiser, this lid has you name all over it.

Check out our Bell Custom 500 Helmet Review:

Bell Custom 500 Stunt Helmet
Old school style is what you're buying when you pick up this helmet. This lid has that classic round open shell shape iconic with 60s and 70s helmets. The shell is a fiberglass construction, lightweight and strong. The internals of this helmet are made with modern foam materials and padding to protect your skull in the event of a wreck. The quilted liner also has a ton of retro style to it via the stitching details but is still very comfortable. Bell even put a chrome piece of trim which adds nicely to the vintage styling. There are three chrome snaps for fastening the Bell Custom 500 Retro 3 Snap Shield if you want additional protection from debris.

Bell Custom 500 Speed Soul Helmet
Does this helmet offer the same amount of protection as the Bell RS-1 Helmet? Of course not, but this is DOT approved and nothing can touch this helmet's style. It is a great combination of style and protection and it will also work in states with helmet laws in effect. As with all Bell lids, the solid colors and graphic schemes are expertly crafted. From bold solids to a Roland Sands Designs edition to retro-racer schemes, they all look amazing. There's even an Evel Knievel style. Sizing goes from XS to 2XL so there should be a helmet size to fit almost every head out there. Like all Bell Helmets, the Custom 500 has a 5 year warranty.

Bell Custom 500 Bloodshot Helmet
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Wednesday, May 18

Dainese Hogan-S Rainsuit Review

Riding in the rain is never fun. Things like visibility, traction, stopping distance, and handling goes right out the window. Plus you're soaking wet and you have to worry if your gear is going to be able to hold up to mother natures fury. Well Dainese has a product that will make riding in the rain a little less awful. It's the Dainese Hogan-S Rainsuit, and it's designed for the sport-touring rider that may encounter a rainstorm or wet conditions and doesn't want a little water to slow them down.

Check out our Dainese Hogan-S Rainsuit Review:

The Dainese Hogan Rainsuit is a one piece rain suit is designed to be worn over your motorcycle jacket and pant combination. The main zipper goes from the suit's collar all the way down to the thigh on the left leg. The pants' zipper goes all the way up to the bottom of the knees and there are nice long zippers in the arms. This makes getting in and out of this suit very easy, even while wearing full moto gear. Would I want to put this suit on while parked under an overpass with traffic flying by at 80mph? It can be done, but I'd much rather do it at a fuel station. Each zipper is backed by a gaiter to stop water and snapping flaps aid in its waterproofing. There's a set of waist adjusters to help tighten this suit up to your size. Since you're going to be wearing this suit during a rainy day or night, Dainese put reflective inserts on their logos at the front and back of the suit.

Is this the most stylish piece of apparel in Dainese's line-up? No, but this is definitely one of the most stylish rainsuits out there. There is also a Dainese stuff sack that you can fold this rainsuit into when it's not in use. The Hogan doesn't have any armor in it so you definitely need a protective moto jacket and pants underneath.

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Tuesday, May 17

Joe Rocket Radar Dark Leather Jacket Review

There's nothing like the style and protection that a good leather jacket offers. There's also nothing like the airflow and lightweight nature of a mesh jacket. Can you imagine having both a leather and mesh jacket in one? It's called the Joe Rocket Radar Dark Leather Jacket. This is a street based three-season hybrid jacket with stealthy black styling. This is a very versatile Joe Rocket jacket and definitely will rank high in the bang for the buck category.

Check out our Joe Rocket Radar Leather Jacket Review:

The Joe Rocket Radar is constructed of a combination of 1.2mm leather and Free Air™ mesh in the shell. The leather is strategically placed in areas prone to impacts and sliding; these vulnerable areas are the shoulders, elbows, back and chest. The areas of the jacket that are less vital get the breathable mesh material. These consist of the stomach, the inside of the arms, and the area around the collar. Joe Rocket incorporated CE rated armor in the shoulders and elbows of the jacket. There is a non CE rated spine pad but this can be removed and replaced with a CE rated back protector. The Radar also has a race styled GP-hump that will provide some extra back protection but in the event of a wreck it will help elevate your head some you helmet wont skip and drag on the road. The hump will also provide some additional aerodynamics.

Joe Rocket did a great job packing this jacket full of features you don't see on every jacket. The liner of the jacket is a removable windproof liner. The liner isn't thermal or waterproof so on colder mornings you will need some kind of mid layer and on damp days you will get wet. When you take out the liner the jacket will loosen up a bit thus Joe Rocket put snaps on the arms and waist to help tighten it back up. A snap close collar gives an extra styling touch and aids in comfort. Finally there's a set of jeans loop connectors
to keep this jacket from riding up when getting in the race position.

Sizes go from 38 to 56 and this jacket fits on the larger side. For the Radar Dark, your only color scheme option is the stealthy black on black.

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Monday, May 16

Sharktooth Bluetooth Now Shipping

After literally months of anticipation and a long time after the release of the helmet designed to integrate with the unit (the Shark Evoline 2 ST Helmet), the Shark Sharktooth Bluetooth Kit has finally arrived, and we have tons of them ready to ship out. Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Evoline 2 ST, the Sharktooth unit boasts all of the features we typically see from leading bluetooth manufacturers in this day and age. There is no need to buy an after-market bluetooth system and struggle to have it integrate with the Evoline 2 ST. Simply pick up the Sharktooth and all of your communication needs are covered.

The easy OEM installation of the Sharktooth (ST) to your Evoline 2 ST makes this the must-have communicator for that extremely popular modular helmet. The ST system is absolutely packed with features. It can pair with up to multiple other communication devices for intercom communication between riders. It can connect to your phone, your GPS or MP3 player, and act as an intercom communicator all at the same time. The music streaming utilizes A2DP technology meaning that you get delivered a crisp stereo stream to the headphones. DSP technology is also used in the ST system, canceling out noise and echo to deliver the finest voice quality available.

The rugged exterior design of the Sharktooth system is waterproof, resistant to dirt and dust, and shaped to be very aerodynamic and streamlined on the side of your Evoline. The battery charges within 4 hours, and allows up to 10 hours mobile phone, intercom or streaming A2DP stereo music use, and 700 hours of standby time. Voice commands allow you to receive or reject incoming calls and placing calls can also be done using voice recognition dialing. The unit also uses Automatic Gain Control to boost or reduce the sound signal depending on ambient noise and speed of travel. The intercom operated up to 400 meters, a solid distance for intra-bike communication.

Stay tuned for our video review coming soon!


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Wednesday, May 11

REV'IT! Gear Pants Review

Imagine having chocolate and vanilla, chicken and steak, leather and mesh. Well that's what REV'IT! has just done with their leather-mesh REV'IT! Gear Pants. They have made a sport and street oriented pair of pants that combined the best of both leather and mesh. These pants match up perfectly with the REV'IT! Ignition Jacket. The Gear pants are simply made for the everyday rider that wants one pair of pants that can do almost anything.

Check out our REV'IT! Gear Pants Review:

The REV'IT! Gear pants combine the air flow and ventilation of mesh and the protection of leather. These REV'IT! pants are constructed of cowhide leather in high impact areas such as the knees, hips, the seat of the pants and side of the leg. The larger areas less prone to damage during a wreck, like the thighs, shins, back of the leg, and inner leg,  are constructed of Dynax mesh panels. This provides the rider with the highest amount of protection possible combined with a high degree of ventilation. Dynax mesh is highly breathable and comfortable but also very resistant to tearing and ripping. Ballistic safety stitching holds the seams together to prevent them from coming apart during an impact or slide.

The Gear Pants also come with a removable Hydratex liner. Hydratex is waterproof, windproof and breathable so you have all your bases covered for a 3 season pant that can even stretch into parts of winter with some thermal base-layers depending on where you live. When the temperatures climb in the summer just take out the liner via the zipper and snap attachments and you have some very high ventilated pants. If the weather is wet or cold then this liner will really come in handy. Protection and comfort in these pants are really nicely thought out. The hips in these pants are Temperfoam and the knees have ProLife CE rated armor. Temperfoam in the hips are not CE certified but still very impact resistant and provides much more mobility.

The knee armor is also adjustable to help the rider tailor the fit. The waist can be tightened with Velcro straps to tighten or loosen the pants based on your size and the legs have a boot cut to accommodate a full size touring or sport boot. The Gear pants have a very long zipper at each leg of the pants so you can easily slide your boots in and out without a problem. There's a short 8 inch zipper and a long 360 zipper connection for attaching these pants to a REV'IT! jacket.

Is black your favorite color? If so, good, because the only color option for these pants is black. Sizes go from 48-58 Euro with tall sizes available. That translates loosely to 30-44 US. They are pricier than your average riding pants but these are definitely on the top of the food chain and some of the best sport oriented pants you can buy.

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Tuesday, May 10

Cortech Latigo RR One-Piece Leather Suit Review

So you're itching to do your first track day? You're ready to start hammering down some laps and start dragging some knee through the apex. One of the first things you'll need is a race suit. For the entry-level track day rider looking to get on the tarmac, the Cortech Latigo RR One-Piece Leather Suit is a viable option that provides excellent value for the dollar. While Cortech isn't ubiquitous in the world of racing like some of the extremely high-end brands, if you're looking to start a career as a track day hero, then this may be a good first step toward that goal.

Check out our Cortech Latigo RR One-Piece Leather Suit review:

The Latigo RR One-Piece Leather Suit is everything you need and nothing you don't when it comes to being track legal. Protecting your skin from the tarmac is a combination of perforated and non-perforated top grain drum dyed leather. The elbows, shoulders, and knee protectors all have large CE rated armor pieces to protect from impact and the stitching is double and triple stitched with nylon threads for resistance to tearing in a slide. There's a large speed hump to help aid aerodynamics when speeds hit the triple digits and in the case of a wreck the hump will help to lift your helmet and prevent it from sliding directly on the asphalt as well as give some extra spine protection. To make motion a little easier they implemented accordion stretch panels in the shoulder blades, elbows, lower back, and knee. The inside of the arms, the inseam, and the calves have 600 denier stretch nylon panels to help movement and fit. All you need to do is throw on the GP styled knee pucks that come with the suit and you have everything you need for a track ready suit.

Cortech also added some creature comforts to this suit. The mesh liner on the inside of the suit is comfortable against the skin and the zippers on the cuffs are spring loaded so they tuck away nicely and don't get thrown around in the wind. There's an internal chest pocket for convenience to store your track pass. There's plenty of ventilation and perforation throughout the suit so you won't be totally cooking while the sun is beating down this July. Cortech even took the liberty of throwing in a nice storage bag with the suit to make it a little easier to hang in the closet.

The fit of this suit is pretty casual for a track suit. The Latigo doesn't leave you stuck in a full race tuck when you step off the bike. There a little more room for a heavier set body and Cortech didn't make this suit an aggressive cut like some of the higher end race suits from Italy. Does the Cortech Latigo RR have have all crazy technical features as the Dainese Laguna Seca Pro Leather Suit or Alpinestars Tech 1-R Suit? No, but for the price of the Cortech you can pick up the brand new Sidi Cobra Boots or that Bell RS-1 Helmet that you've been looking at and get yourself on the track.  

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Monday, May 9

Speed and Strength Twist of Fate 2 Leather Jacket Review

Take the Speed & Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 Race Suit, cut it in half at the waist and sell the top half. This is essentially what Speed and Strength has done with their new Speed & Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 Leather Jacket. The Leather Twist of Fate 2.0 is a jacket made for the aggressive street riding and sport crowd. It can also be attached to the Speed and Strength Twist Of Fate Leather Pants to make a good race suit for the casual track day rider and knee dragger.

Check out our Speed & Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 Leather Jacket Review:

This jacket is great for the sport rider who wants one jacket that can hit the commute Monday through Friday, do some back-road twisties on Saturday, and hit the track on Sunday. The leather on the Twist of Fate 2.0 is 1.2-1.4mm cowhide which is perfect to keep you comfortable and protected in case of a high side wreck. The stitching holding the leather together is Kevlar safety stitching with double stitching at the main seams. Knox CE approved armor in the shoulders and elbows as well as external sliders help separate your body from the high impact areas and asphalt. The back has a Knox TP2 CE Back Protector which is normally a 30 dollar upgrade. This means the entire jacket is CE approved. The armor is also sewn right into the jacket
meaning it's not removable but also means it won't move out of place in the event of an accident. The mini GP hump provides an extra aggressive touch to the jacket's styling and will also aid in preventing the top of the spine and back of the helmet from having a direct impact with the asphalt. This is everything you would expect from the top half of a race suit.

This jacket also showed some courtesies to the street rider. The Twist of Fate isn't cut as tight or as aggressive as some of the Italian race jackets. There's a little more room around the stomach and sleeves and it has a more casual fit overall.  There's a ton of perforation down the front of the
jacket to help keep you vented when the temperatures rise and the tarmac begins to melt. The sleeves also have perforation on the leather and stretch panels running down the inside of the arms that will also flow some air. Speed & Strength also put a few perf holes on the back of the jacket to help vent air out of the back. This jacket is collarless so there's nothing to interfere with head movement and the sleeves and waist have adjustment straps to help tailor the fit to your liking.

All in all, the Speed and Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 leather jacket will play right into the street and the casual track riding crowd. If you're a little more hardcore of a track rider then the full Speed & Strength Twist of Fate 2.0 Race Suit might be more up your alley. The sizes go from 38-54US and color schemes are a dark black color, a very clean white, and a dark grey.

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